I Suggest you Read this

Do you know how to use suggest and recommend correctly in a sentence in English? If not, read our short lesson to find out more.

Part 1 of P&R Languages future tense guide

What does the future hold? In English, there are two structures used for the future simple. 1. Will + 1st form 2. Going to + 1st form. Here we look at both to get you started.

Introductions to Future Tenses

To the future with P&R Languages

So, how many future tenses are there in English? Actually, we only have 3 “tenses” in English, and 4 ways or “aspects” to talk about each of them.

Difference between say and tell

The difference between say and tell in English.

Mixing up “say” and “tell” is a common error among English learners. The simple trick to know which one to use is to decide who you are talking to, or if you are talking to anyone at all!