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Language School in Ljubljana.

We offer customised language courses in English, German, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, and French here in Slovenia and internationally.

P&R Languages - Language school in Ljubljana.

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P&R Languages - Language School in Ljubljana.

Nicola Patrone & Micheal Reidy


Or more to the point, who are we? P&R Languages stands for “Patrone and Reidy Languages” a partnership between two dedicated teachers seeking to combine their shared knowledge of language learning and create a language school which serves the student from start to finish.

We believe that different people learn a new language differently, and our approach reflects that ethos.

Why choose our language school? 

We work with our clients to provide tailored materials, topics, and lesson plans from the very start, and orient every class to achieving your personal language goals, whatever they may be. Not only this, but we work around your schedule to provide lessons online, at your home, place of work, or a location of your choosing so your classes take place when and where you need them to.

Our Language Courses

Private or group lessons

We offer a comprehensive range of language courses at your home, office or online that are specifically tailored to your individual needs. We come to you, if required and wherever possible, or we can arrange lessons via Zoom or Skype.

Language School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. P&R Languages.

General Lessons & Courses

Language for Business

Learn foreign languages for business at our language School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. P&R Languages.
We also offer online courses and lessons at our language School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. P&R Languages.

Online Courses and Tuition

Languages we teach

Our language school keeps a roster of skilled foreign-language instructors to provide you with the best courses possible. Listed below are our core languages, but we have many connections so if there is another tongue you wish to learn get in touch and we’ll try to organise a native teacher just for you.

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