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Learn to speak Slovene with our native speakers. Whether you are moving to Slovenia and need the language for work or simply to converse with the locals, our customised Slovenian language courses are designed to help you navigate your way through this complex and fascinating Slavic language.

Learn Slovene at P&R Languages

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Slovene courses

Below is a selection of our regular courses. Each course will be tailored to your personal goals and requirements after our initial consultation. Or simply contact us to discuss a fully customised course.

Slovene for Beginners

If you are completely new to learning Slovene, or have some basics, then the best way to learn is with a native speaker. Using lots of visuals and special techniques, our teachers will help you master the basics in no time.

Conversational Slovene

Whether you are looking to brush up on your speaking skills, or learn Slovene purely for everyday use, our conversational Slovene lessons will have you speaking and practicing in a fun and dynamic way.

Intermediate - Advanced Slovene

Our advanced Slovenian language courses will help you navigate the more complex parts of the language such as grammar and cases.

Slovene for Business

If you have started a business in Slovenia or need Slovene specifically for work, our business course can help you navigate the corporate world of Slovenia.

Learn Slovene online

Don’t live in Slovenia yet, or are unable to have lessons in person? Don’t worry, we offer customised Slovenian language courses and lessons online via Zoom or Skype.

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