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P&R Languages is a partnership between two language enthusiasts and professional teachers, Nicola Patrone and Michael Reidy, combining their shared skills, experience, and approaches to learning to provide the best and most effective service possible to our clients.

We teach courses and lessons to individuals, groups, companies, and children worldwide that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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what's different about us?

We believe that different people learn differently, and our approach reflects that ethos.

We work with you to provide tailored materials, topics, and lesson plans from the very start, and orient every class to achieving your personal language goals, whatever they may be.

Not only this, but we adapt and work around your schedule to provide lessons online, at your home, place of work, or a location of your choosing so your classes take place when and where you need them to.

How does it work?

After our first contact, we’ll do a brief, free phone consultation with you to find out what your goals are, and how we can help you to reach them. We’ll also find out what topics are relevant to you, and make sure our course focuses on them.

We will then send you a targeted language assessment to find the correct grammar points to focus our classes on.

Finally, we will select or create material that best suits your needs, and voila! Your tailored language course is ready to begin.

The main benefit? Our courses are totally customisable. If you find your focus has changed, simply email us ahead of your class and let us plan a different lesson for you. It’s your show, all the time.

Our Language Teachers

Michael Reidy of P&R Languages

Michael Reidy

English, Irish

Co-owner and head of English instruction.
CELTA certified.

Learn English at P&R Languages


Co-owner and head of Italian instruction

Learn Italian at P&R Languages


Nicola Patrone of P&R Languages

Nicola Patrone


We also have native teachers for these languages

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