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Learning French with our native speakers is the best way to improve. Our customised courses are designed to ensure you will master the complexities of French grammar and pronunciation.

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French courses

Below is a selection of our regular courses. Each course will be tailored to your personal goals and requirements after our initial consultation. Or simply contact us to discuss a fully customised course.

French for Beginners

Whether you are a complete beginner or learned a little French at school, you will be surprised at how our skilled native speakers can have you speaking French in no time.

Conversational French

270 million people speak French around the globe, so if you are looking to join them why not improve your conversational French with our native speakers?

Intermediate - Advanced French

Already quite proficient when it comes to using the French language? Do you want to master the complex world of French grammar, boost your vocabulary or simply practice and keep up to date with a native speaker? Then try our advanced French courses.

Business French

French is a major language for business in parts of Africa, North America and Europe, the official language of the WTO, UN, and Olympics. It’s also is a useful language to know when it comes to diplomacy, working for worldwide charities or banking and finance.

Online French Lessons

Don’t live in Ljubljana or Slovenia? Don’t worry, we can offer French lessons online to anyone, anywhere via Zoom or Skype.

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